About Our Alloys

Alloys- the chemist’s seasoning!?

In recent years, cars have been getting lighter and this means better gas milage but if the engine and break pads aren’t of good quality, then the passengers safety cannot be guaranteed. Our job is produce high quality alloys to answer the needs of our customers. In cooking, this is like a chef adding seasonings to a dish. We add minerals to the metal to give those alloys the properties our customers desire. Depending on the percentage of mineral to metal, we can make an alloy hard and strong or soft and pliable.
However, unlike seasonings, alloys are absolute necessity in our modern world. Without them, our modern lifestyle would be impossible. To Japanese people, alloy are like the katsuobushi, from which Japanese broth (wadashi) is made.

Alloys in Everyday Life

Japanese cars are almost 100% made from our alloys, as are manhole covers, the injection ports of smartphones; our alloys support the modern Japanese lifestyle. For instance, a manhole cover that can withstand the weight of several tons of cars and trucks driving over it without cracking used be to 80 kilograms weight, but with the use of our alloys, current manhole covers are only 40 kilograms weight.

Our alloys are also used in the underground pipes under our feet, and the increased elasticity of the metal used in the pipes makes the pipes more earthquake resistant.
In addition to this, our alloys are also used to make corrosion resistant injection ports of smartphones, and the cast iron pots and skillets that are a part of everyday life to the semiconductors, manufacturing machines, ships and steel manufacturers.
You may not have an opportunity to interact with our products in daily life, we are there, in the background, supporting daily life.

The future of the alloy that Osaka Special Alloy thinks

In Japan, there are ancient processes of smelting, such as the processes used in the creation of Dotaku (abrass instrument used in the Yayoi period) and the giant Buddha in Nara, we combine these process with new processes to create our alloys. And despite the continuing decrease in domestic car production, which is we make our greatest contributions, we are looking to diversify into other markets.

We are looking to contribute to the next generation of communication systems, machines to help decrease the effects of climate change. We are also contributing to the systems, as represented by the linear motor car, that will help revolutionize transportation systems, along with the next generation of the International Space Station, and advanced guidance systems. There is no limit to human potential and there is no future for humanity without metal material industry, is there?

Not just simply a mixture of metal and minerals, we foresee a future in which both metallic and non metallic elements can be mixed together to create new alloys. We are aiming to be our customers one stop shop for the alloys they need for their projects. Our company continues to push the science of alloys ever forward. We aim to be a "Niche metal department stores" that meets customer needs in one stop.