About Us
Established in Osaka in 1961.
We have manufactured and sold “alloys” by changing the properties of various metals, including iron.
As the name "Osaka Special Alloy", we are handling a wide range of "special" and rare alloys.
About our business
We start with iron and mix in other minerals to make alloys.
You may not see our products in your day to day life, but we support every day life in the background.
Ferro alloy
Our ferro alloy is an additive to the creation of various types of steel; we make our own ferro alloy. With OTG’s world class ferro alloy, we can control the unique qualities of specific types of steel; this allows us to contribute to society in various ways.
Mother alloy
Our mother alloy was developed to control the composition of alloys and is only used in the smelting process. OTG makes and sell our own mother alloy. We work with customers to create a high functioning, adaptable mother allow in a timely manner.
Cored wire
We make and sell a cored wire can be used in the addition operation of various alloys to make the addition operation easier. Our cored wire is used in the addition operation of various alloys.
Overseas operations
We are establishing a foothold with our ferro alloy in foreign markets. It’s being used in a variety of industries in mineral rich Brazil, such as mining and forestry. And we are also working with Japanese companies that are establishing a presence in China.
Our Strength
Our Strength
We are manufacturing one-of-a-kind products having a high market share in the industry that no one is manufacturing or is capable to manufacture except us.
High share
in Market
Only one
Alloy is Like Synthetic Seasoning!?
The “alloy” we make and deliver to the customers is what they can add to metals to finish it into a better material.
Its function is similar to that of synthetic seasoning used in cooking.
Alloys are with Our Lives
Our alloys are used for almost 100% of Japan-made cars.
In addition, being used for the manhole lids, the insertion terminals of smartphones, etc.,
the alloys are actually supporting all aspects of the Japanese people's lives in the background.
Our View of the Future of the Alloy
We will continue working as a specialist of alloy.
We aim to be a "one-stop department store of niche metals" where the customers' needs are satisfied.
Company Outline
Introduce our basic information,
offices and past history.
CSR activities
Osaka Special Alloy coexists with the Mother Earth. We are grateful to the earth where we are living in and are working for maintaining and improving the environment. Here we introduce our activities for environmental conservation.