Overseas operations

OTG has been looking to contribute to the mining, forestry and water based industries in Brazil for some time so in 1973, we founded Inonibras, a company that prioritizes environmental stability. We use the most advanced clone seedling technology that are best for the creation of the wood charcoal that we use in our electric arc furnaces. Due to Inonibras active involvement in the planting of forests, we are effectively become self sufficient.

We also turning our eyes to China, a country rich in the rare earth minerals that are used in 60% of the world’s foundries.Through our exclusive relationship with mineral rich China, we add our expertise to Chinese resources to create high functioning alloys on steady basis. As we are looking to expand into global markets and our partnerships in these countries are important part of this expansion.

Brazil INONIBRAS S/A factory


CSR activities

Our Contribution to the Environment
Our company delegates manufacture of high quality ferro silicon, to our Brazilian subsidiary. In order to reclaim electricity the use of our electric arc furnaces used in the mining of silicon, we use a great deal of charcoal (in Brazil, this is typically eucalyptus) because Inonibras’ mission is to preserve the environment, we grow our own eucalyptus on about 10,000 hectares (around 10 kilometers square) of forest. As a result, we grow 100% of the wood that we use for the creation of our products.