Cored wire

Cored wire

Cored wire is made by injecting alloys and powdered metals into a thin metal hoop, forming them into a series of tubes, this prevents the wire from reacting with the ingredients and also allows ingredients to be added to the smelting process. This allows for a more reliable yield and is more economical. The ingredients are added automatically, this means that customer's can eliminate human mistakes like forgetting to add ingredients.
The addition cored wire can aid in the extraction of dust, automatic transition of information and for the timely repairs to the crucible, making the process safer and much more exact. At OTG, we produce this cored wire from start to finish, so we are able to adjust the wire’s pliability to our customer’s standards.

Wire Injection Method

The wire injection method is a method in which cored wire is added to the molten metal with using a dedicated feeder. As a strong wire penetrates the slag on the surface of the molten metal, it is possible to surely add the target components. The coating can suppress oxidation loss of the mother alloy and help to reduce the yield. Furthermore, as the dedicated feeder can freely adjust the speed of the wire adding with simple control, it enables automation and dramatically improves work safety.

Outline of Cored Wire Production Line

A thin metal plate (hoop) is formed into a bowl shape with a molding machine, then the bowl is filled with the crushed mother alloy. After filling, it is molded into a wire so that the content does not leak, and is wound around a drum to make a coil.