About OTG


You may not be able to see it, but it is a company that gives back to society.

Modern society is progressing at almost a dizzying pace, but as long as our culture exists, we don’ t foresee a day when we don’ t need or use metals or alloys. And it is that culture in which we live.
In 1961, the company Osaka Tokushu Gokin Corporation(Osaka Special Alloy Co., Ltd.) was established in Osaka. This nodularizers and inoculants and other ferro alloys for cast iron manufacturing company is proud to be longest history in japan. From the founder’ s long experience, the “made in Japan” quality and large share of the market is something we aren’ t willing to give an inch on.
When you say “alloy,” most people think of robots, however our products are improving the lives of people everywhere in modern life. Because there isn’ t a textbook on how to make our alloys, you can’ t even find the answers on the internet, we are making our own way. But through a process of trial and error. We are always working toward making a better product than we made yesterday. We are looking forward toward a better future for Japan and are earnestly working toward to a bright future through metallurgy.
Osaka Special Alloy Co., Ltd.
Shigeji Miyawaki, President

Company Mission

With a singular focus toward creating products and processes that will continue to support Japanese industry for many years in the future;
our philosophy is one of creativity and reliability.

We “Osaka Special Alloy Co., Ltd.” create products and technologies with our unique and continuous efforts as well as flexible ideas. In a niche industry of special alloy, we are trying to be a company that runs sound management without being misled by the trends, and offers long-term support to Japan's key industries.

Strength of Osaka Special Alloy

We are a specialist of high-mix (over 2,000 varieties) small-lot production, which large companies cannot enter, and occupy a high market share in the niche industry of alloys. In the field of special alloys for steel, we produce one-of-a-kind products that only we can make. Our great strength is the melting technique for any metals that obtained through our 60-year history. Speaking of global expansion, we have invested in China, a consumer country, and also have formed a partnership with a company in Brazil, a resource-rich country. We have 800 customers in Japan and 30 customers overseas.

Katsuyama Factory

Katsuyama City is located in the northwest of Fukui Prefecture and near the border of Ishikawa Prefecture. Being established in the Taisho Era, the factory has been working consistently to dissolve metals with using the abundant hydroelectric power of Kuzuryu River, while looking over magnificent Mount Haku. Although we have experienced a number of management crises in a long history, the fire in the melting furnace has been kept for the time being without being extinguished thanks to the wisdom and efforts of the predecessors.

We expanded the facility for cored wire production in 2007 and established newly Takashima Factory in 2012 on the other side of Kuzuryu River. We are eager to keep doing our best here in Katsuyama.