Since the establishment in the early days of ductile cast iron, we have accumulated the data on processing technology of molten metal under various conditions which are provided by a number of foundries throughout Japan, as an exclusive manufacturer of additives for molten cast iron processing.
Based on the vast data, we have developed additives for molten metal processing to meet the various needs of users, and have maintained the highest market share in the industry up to the present.
The high-quality alloys manufactured in Japan will be the best partner in your casting works with the support of our fine after-sales service for their use. We are not just selling additives, but also proposing optimal methods of molten metal processing and alloy compositions.
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Ferro alloy

Globurizing Additives

In industry, the most commonly used Graphite Nodularizers is magnesium (Mg). However, when you add magnesium to a high temperature foundry, you get a severe reaction (ie, an explosion) and you will not get a reliable product. Not only that, it is extremely dangerous. That is why a Fe-Si-Mg alloy is more commonly used in foundries. Our product OGRC type alloy and the Fe-Si-Mg-Ca-RE “sandwiching technique” was developed in 1967 and is our great contribution to ductile cast iron manufacture. Since then, we have made the alloys that use molten metal and the manufacture of steel. And we are continuing to prefect that process to create the suitable alloys for our customers.


By inoculating molten cast iron, graphitization ability is enhanced, and effects such as chill prevention and improvement of graphite shape are obtained. We always propose the best inoculant and its inoculation method among a wide lineup such as CALBALLY, ZIRCALLY, ULTRA SILICON, INOBEST50, CHILLTOLL-A, INOGRA-G, etc. according to the diversifying usage and adding method at each customer.


We supply a wide lineup of alloy additives that stably add various elements such as Fe-Si, Ca-Si, Fe-Ti, Mg-Mo, Mg-Cr, Mg-P, S-MATE, etc.

Mother alloy

Ni-based mother alloy

The use of nickel-based mother alloy in our company started with nickel magnesium mother alloy manufactured as a nodular alloy for cast iron. The stability in its quality was highly evaluated and it has grown into a product with an overwhelming share in Japan.

The application of this mother alloy is not limited to cast iron, but is expanding as an additive for special deoxidizers for nickel alloys and alloys for magnetic materials. Nickel-calcium mother alloy is also one of our core products as a deoxidizer for special steels and we are the one and only manufacturer in Japan.

Alloying nickel having a high melting point with active metals such as magnesium and calcium requires a high level of knowledge and technology, as well as continuous effort for quality improvement in order to meet the target range of each ingredient required by users.

Accumulation of such efforts and experience is utilized in the alloying with low-melting-point elements and also high-melting-point elements such as cobalt, titanium and molybdenum, resulting in further expanding the sales channels.

Cu-based mother alloy

Copper has a significantly wide range of applications from electric wires and electronic parts to machine parts manufactured by casting and extension.
Therefore, many mother alloys are used. We are manufacturing mainly deoxidizing mother alloys containing calcium and magnesium and other mother alloys such as zirconium, titanium, iron, etc. which are used as crystal refining agents.

The mother alloy for stable adding of chromium etc. to molten copper to improve the strength is also one of our core products.
Copper is a metal that has high oxygen dissolution during the dissolution process, and for that reason, some metals are very difficult to alloy with. Therefore, we are manufacturing homogeneous and segregation-free mother alloys by techniques including melting atmosphere adjustment and deoxidation.

Al-based mother alloy

The typical aluminum-based mother alloys are, the mother alloy for stable adding of chromium, copper, etc. to improve the strength, and strontium mother alloy used for improvement of the acicular eutectic structure of aluminum-silicon alloy.

We are also manufacturing the mother alloy for titanium adding that is necessary to refine crystals and prevent casting defects such as shrinkage cavities. In addition, we have offered a number of custom-made products from the fields other than aluminum die casting and aluminum gravity casting.

Aluminum is a metal with an extremely effective deoxidation effect. We are willing to work as much as possible for the experiment of a mother alloy as a deoxidizer for steel and all other metals.

Zn-based mother alloy

The zinc-based mother alloys are less common, but many types of mother alloys are used for zinc die casting and plating.

Including the mother alloy for stable adding of titanium or copper used to improve the properties of zinc die-cast products, the manufacture of special mother alloys to satisfy the extremely complex and severe properties required for plating is our specialty.

Zinc is an element that has a property of evaporating at low temperature, and therefore requires a delicate melting operation depending on the targeted metal.
We have adopted unique solutions on our melting and casting facilities and are offering high-quality mother alloys.

Cored wire

Cored wire for steelmaking

For adding of Ca for deoxidation, desulfurization, and shape control of non-ferrous metals and for adding of other elements during steelmaking.

Cored wire for iron casting

For adding of Mg for graphite spheroidizing of ductile cast iron, and for adding of inoculants.

Cored wire for non-ferrous metals

For adding of highly oxidizable elements and high-melting-point elements to molten non-ferrous metals.


Pig iron


Sorelmetal, which is known as the "Québec pig iron", because of its unique manufacturing method, makes the molten metal itself easier to graphitize, more responsive to inoculation and reduces shrinking and expanding changes of the molten metal until solidification, and therefore effective for improvement of shrinkage characteristics. The property of reducing casting yield and preventing casting defects is highly evaluated by customers.

Chemical products

We can offer various additives other than alloys such as SCG, recarburizers, desulfurizing agents for various applications.

Quality control system

We are controlling the quality of products under a well-prepared system with the latest equipment.

Ensuring the quality is the mission of Osaka Specialty Alloy and all of its employees. We are working to establish a production control system, conduct strict inspection using the latest equipment in each process, and introduce an ISO quality management system, as well as enhance production facilities.
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